McDowell Spouts Off

McDowell Spouts Off

Please forgive my momentary lapse into ultra geekiness for linking to a Star Trek website.

In Generations, McDowell’s Soran character tries to destroy two stars and one inhabited planet in order to gain entrance into an imaginary extra-dimensional realm, called the Nexus, where all of one’s desires come true. Although he doesn’t accomplish his destructive pursuits, Soran does succeed in killing James T. Kirk in the process. A feat that apparently makes the actor proud, because “he got to be the guy who shut Shatner up.”

“I did them a favor,” says McDowell and proceeds to state that J.J. Abrams has finally made the first decent Star Trek film.

And what is it precisely that Mr. McDowell has ever done that is so great?

William Shatner is not the only one to attract such venom, as McDowell says that if you enjoy watching Patrick Stewart “spouting off for 40 minutes,” you might as well go “watch paint dry.”

Oh, now it’s on buddy!

In addition to blasting Star Trek legends, McDowell calls this year’s blockbuster The Avengers “mindless crap,” despite the fact that the film has received rave reviews and broken box office records.

Well anyway, I’ve lost any respect for McDowell I may have had. Regardless of how he or I or anyone else feels about Star Trek, William Shatner, and The Avengers, this is just classless and tasteless.

Okay, my trip to ultra-geekdom is over, I now return you to the standard geekiness.