Announcing the ‘Avengers’ GIVEAWAY Winner!

Announcing the ‘Avengers’ GIVEAWAY Winner!

Today is announcement day

We have run the course of the active contest, and the winner has been selected to get a Blu-ray edition of the newly released Avengers film!

The Winner is…

Our very own Random-bot chose a name out of the machine, and that lucky winner is:

Karen Che

Karen, you know what you are? You’re special! You are awesome because you like The Avengers nearly as much as TJ. Like you said in your comment on the contest entry:

I’d love to win The Avengers on Blu-Ray because this is my new favorite ensemble superhero flick! The cohesion between character stories is really something to MARVEL at. COUGH. Your podcast is delightfully amusing and informative, I love it!

Thanks for the compliment and listening to our podcast. We will reach you via email to get this Blu-ray sent straightaway.

A special thanks to everyone that participated in the contest by writing a comment for the original entry. We love giving good movies away almost as much as we love watching them. We will run more contests on a regular basis, so keep discussing movies and getting the scoop on films right here on MovieByte.

Please keep participating so we can keep bringing the awesomeness to you! If you enjoy our podcast, then think about rating us on iTunes and by writing a review.

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