‘Fringe’ Final Season Promo Poster

‘Fringe’ Final Season Promo Poster
E! Online

Fringe‘s fifth and final season (sniff!) officially kicks off this Friday, taking the team and fans to an Observer-ruled 2036, a time when eggs come in stick form and being preserved in amber is all the rage!

We’ve got an exclusive first look at the group reunited in this season five promo shot. It’s time to fight for the future, y’all!

In the shot, our beloved cast stands defiantly together in front of a wall plastered with anti-Observer messages such as “End the Oppression.”  Included in the shot along with Anna TorvJosh JacksonJohn Noble and Jasika Nicole are Lance Reddick as Broyles, who is the Native Liaison at Fringe Division in the future, and Blair Brown as Nina Sharp, who helped Walter and Etta (Georgina Haig) free the gang from amber in season four’s 2036-set episode “Letters of Transit.”

Premiering TOMORROW! Which means I get to see it via Hulu on Saturday.