Interview with ‘Revolution’s’ Elizabeth Mitchell

Interview with ‘Revolution’s’ Elizabeth Mitchell
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The following contains spoilers from this Monday’s episode of NBC’s Revolution.

In just its second episode, NBC’s Revolution this Monday night answered a huge question that was on many a fan’s mind: Why would you hire the always awesome Elizabeth Mitchell to appear only in flashbacks?

Answer: You don’t, because Charlie’s mother, Rachel Matheson, is in fact alive and well. Or at least alive, based on a reveal that capped Week 2 of the adventure drama.

And yet with that not-entirely-surprising twist comes new questions, such as: Where and for how long has Rachel been held captive? What does General Monroe (played by David Lyons) want with her? And what has she been doing to stay alive? Mitchell shared with TVLine a peek at some of those answers.

Only two episodes in and I am really loving Revolution which is unfortunate for any of you out there who like it too because that means I have jinxed it and it will be canceled in short order as seems to happen to my favorite shows lately. In the meantime, enjoy the interview.