‘The Hunger Games’ Pitch Trailer

‘The Hunger Games’ Pitch Trailer
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Every day in Hollywood, filmmakers meet in rooms at production companies and movie studios, giving their take on potential upcoming projects. This process hasn’t changed much over the years, except for the advent of carefully crated trailers for nonexistent movies, meant to help executives visualize the final product. Fans often post their own mash-up trailers, but we rarely get to see these pitches from noted filmmakers. It’s even more rare to find them for major Hollywood blockbusters.


When I first saw Kevin’s Hunger Games pitch trailer, I was blown away by how much different his vision of the film adaptation was from that of director Gary Ross. I’m not going to say its better, as that wouldn’t be fair — but its definitely more science fiction-heavy, which is something I liked.

It’s definitely a lot different from what the movie turned out to be. It was also interesting to see scenes from, and hear audio clips from movies I’m familiar with. edited in a different way to tell a different story. I can see where this would be useful in pitching your story to studios and executives, likely with no imagination sometimes and an eye toward the budget.