‘Thor 2’ Set Photos

‘Thor 2’ Set Photos

Filming for the eighth installment to the ever-expanding Marvel cinematic universe, Thor: The Dark World, will officially start tomorrow. Although, action won’t take place until next week at the “fictional village,” where a battle between two kingdoms will ensue, built for the production in Bourne Wood, England. And showcasing set preparations at the location being near-complete, photos via Wayne Howes and various others have surfaced.

The first four photos below were taken earlier this week, while the others that follow were taken just yesterday.

Click through for the set photos if you are in to such things. I personally am just hoping for a better story, or better executed story perhaps, than the first Thor film had.

ComicBookMovie.com also reported that composer Patrick Doyle was in talks to return to score this second Thor installment. I really hope this is not true. I cannot stand Patrick Doyle’s scores and Thor did not do much to improve my feelings about the composer. I really hope they bring on a better composer.