‘Bones’ Headed for Trouble

‘Bones’ Headed for Trouble
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The break-up frenzy that upended Glee earlier this month appears to be spreading to Bones.

On the heels of Sweets and Daisy’s sad split, fresh evidence has emerged that strongly suggests the long-running drama is about to drive a wedge between Angela and Hodgins too!

“Everything that came together in Season 7 is going to fall apart in Season 8,” exec producer Stephen Nathan reveals in the latest installment of Fox’s “Breakfast with Bones” video series. Adds series creator Hart Hanson: “A good template for the [season is], ‘Let’s test everybody who’s in love.’”

You may remember that I have said that I wanted to see Bones do well even though I feel like they should have brought it in for a landing by now. Well, this is why I thought it should have ended by now. The show is starting to run off the rails. I do not tune in to Bones to keep up with a soap opera. I don’t want this stupid, fake drama. Angela and Hodgins have already had a couple of rough patches and now they are together and have a kid, now let’s get some more original drama. Don’t mess with the relationships like this. I can’t see I didn’t see the writing on the wall for this though. In the last episode, Hodgins and Angela seemed to be having some issues, and I was irritated then too.

Seriously, if this is true I’m thinking of quitting the show. And I don’t normally quit shows. I try to stick through it until the end.