Brad Pitt Talks U.S. War on Drugs

Brad Pitt Talks U.S. War on Drugs
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“My drug days have long since passed,” Pitt told THR as reported by The Guardian. “But I could probably land in any American city and within 24 hours find whatever you want. But we still support this charade called the drug war. We spent a trillion dollars over 40 years and a lot of people have lost their lives over it.”


“After prohibition, we regrouped and said it was a bad idea what we’re doing. Now we have a system where alcohol is illegal for children; the government profits off it; grownups can use it responsibly, which means if I go out in my car and kill some one it’s manslaughter. But if I’ve been drinking, it’s an aggravating prosecutorial factor. So why is it that drugs – which are less damaging to public health than alcohol – why is it we treat them more severely?”

Every once in a while, the Hollywood crazies say something regarding politics that makes sense (hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day). This is simply, a really good question.