Is ‘Tron’ Ducatti Stunt Work Real or Digital?

Is ‘Tron’ Ducatti Stunt Work Real or Digital?

Tron: Legacy is one of those movies that disappointed general audiences but still holds some avid fans. As Ian Buckwalter at NPR pointed out, “Despite all the gloom and grandiosity, this can be a fun movie, particularly for those willing to sit back and let it wash over them.”

Typically audiences concentrate on the virtual reality of Tron’s story, and let the real world moments slip past — but not today. The cool crew over at TheTechFeed and the likes of Revision3 have some kindred spirits that believed the film was entertaining. And like all “cult” fans, they believe the film still holds many secrets we fans would like to shed light on.

As Veronica Belmont explains in this first episode of Fact or Fictional, “In Tron: Legacy, Sam is caught cruising around at very high speeds on a very sexy Ducatti motorcycle. My question is: did the Italian motorcycle engineers design this bike for real life, or is it just another unrealistic stunt machine for the movie? I was lucky enough to pick the brain of Jim over at Ace Motor Sports (a seasoned Ducatti tech specialist and massive Tron fan) to see if this motorized piece of tech is fact or fictional.”

Something told me deep down that the motorcycle’s stunts were mostly real-world stunts with an unmodified bike, but now I know with certainty.

I found it odd Ducatti stopped making this bike at about the same time to Tron: Legacy was released. Fans lust after such a motorcycle — I know I have — so I would have expected it would be kept around for a while longer.

Disappointed in them? Oh well, if Tron bikes interest you, then you might also be interested in the real world light cycle. It will probably cheer you up.