Romney Zombies, from Joss Whedon’s Point of View

Romney Zombies, from Joss Whedon’s Point of View
E! Online

When it comes to choosing a presidential candidate, you have to think of what they’ll bring to the table. And if it’s a zombie apocalypse you want, then you should vote for Mitt Romney, according to filmmaker Joss Whedon.

The Avengers director released a spoof video endorsing the Republican candidate, saying, “Like a lot of liberal Americans, I was excited when Barack Obama took office four years ago. But it’s a very different world now, and Mitt Romney is a very different candidate.”

Why is he different, you ask?

That’s funny. I thought that the last few presidents have worked together to bring the zombie apocalypse. It’s nice to know that one good filmmaker has been thinking about these important issues, and is prepared for such a bleak future.

Come to think of it, where is Presidect Obama in the midst of The Walking Dead?