‘The Mindy Project’ - One Full Season of Awful

‘The Mindy Project’ - One Full Season of Awful
TV Line

Fox is going all the way with The Mindy Projectpicking up the freshman comedy for a full 22-episode season.

Additionally, the network has ordered six additional episodes of fellow rookie Ben and Kate, bringing that sitcom’s Season 1 haul to 19.

Oh, I get the strategy now, Fox is canceling all the good shows and picking up really awful shows instead. If you need any proof of just how bad this show looks, I offer you this trailer (caution, possibly offensive references, particularly one toward the beginning when Mindy is “praying” about the type of man she would like God to bring her… extrapolate).

Meanwhile, Fox has cancelled their good shows like Alcatraz and The Finder, and even Fringe (though at least allowing that one to land gracefully). I have to admit it is probably not completely Fox’s fault. A lot of people seem to have no taste and don’t care for good dramas.