Ebert Names ‘Argo’ Best Film of 2012

Ebert Names ‘Argo’ Best Film of 2012
Roger Ebert’s Journal

The good news is that I’ve seen the films of one of the best recent years in cinema. I wrote more than 300 reviews in 2012—a record—and it was unusually difficult to leave out many of the quote-unquote “best” films in 11th place.

Here are the Best Films I saw in 2012:

1. • “Argo”

Though not my personal top film, it is well deserved. Argo is a fine film and I have no problem with it being names the top film of 2012.

Of course as usual, some of the films on this list I either haven’t heard of, or didn’t feel like it deserved the time of day. But that’s Ebert for you.