Jon Stewart is Leaving ‘The Daily Show’

Jon Stewart is Leaving ‘The Daily Show’
Russ Fischer — /Film

The most trusted name in fake news is preparing to walk away from his desk. During the taping of tonight’s The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart told his studio audience that he will be leaving the show. Tweets from those who attended the taping first spread the word, and Comedy Central quickly followed with an official statement. Read that below.

This is disappointing, but not entirely a surprise. Stewart has been at this a long time.

I’m not being (very) facetious or satirical when I ask the question: where will be turn for real news and fearless reporting.

Oh, I know! I know! We’ll get our news from Brian Williams (now I am being facetious).

Quite frankly, Jon Stewart played a very important role in the modern American landscape. He wasn’t afraid to call conservatives or liberals on the carpet and he will be sorely missed. We talked about it a little on the latest MovieByte Podcast.