Episode 125: Tastes Like Cheese

Tastes Like Cheese

It’s been a while since TJ and Joe have had a good movie lampooning, so here is ‘Taken 3’ in all its terrible glory. Though TJ and Joe might quibble about which is worse, ‘Taken 2’, or ‘Taken 3’, they agree that neither film is really worth watching. But if you are not into hearing a good bashing of a bad film, don’t worry, there’s plenty else to talk about. Such as Harper Lee publishing a sequel to the famous book, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ — I know, right? — the ‘Honest Trailer’ for ‘The LEGO Movie’, a 3,000 piece LEGO ‘Avengers’ Helicarrier set, the Super Bowl TV Spot for ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’, Martin Scorsese and Kenneth Branagh talking about a ‘Macbeth’ film, the latest video from ‘Every Frame a Painting’ exploring cinematography, and Nicolas Cage praising Hayden Christensen’s performance in ‘Star Wars’ (oh my).

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