Episode 13: Mr. Anderson

Mr. Anderson

In this episode of MovieByte, TJ and Joseph discuss Matt Damon’s recent comments that he thinks it unlikely he will return as Jason Bourne, the ‘Hitchcock’ Trailer — Joseph thinks it looks like a fantastic movie, TJ is nonplussed — and a little bit of discussion about the ‘Taken’ franchise and the fact that Taken 3 is “a go”. And then they are joined by special guest Stewart Adams to talk about ‘The Matrix’. TJ and Stewart are fans! (that might be an understatement). They talk about all the different themes of the film, the multiple layers you get out of subsequent viewings, the fact that Stewart first saw this film in the form of a TV edit, the characters and casting of the film, the stylistic choices and so much more. Join us for a lively discussion!

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