Episode 14: A Movie About a Fake Movie

A Movie About a Fake Movie

In this episode, TJ is joined by Clark Douglas while Joseph is off on jury duty. TJ and Clark talk a lot about Clark’s radio show and podcast about film scores and soundtracks, Alan Silvestri and Clark’s recent highlighting of his work, what it’s like to be a radio station manager, Hans Zimmer and his approach to film scoring, some of Clark’s favorite composers such as John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith and more, as well as some geeky discussion of Star Trek and Star Trek Scores, and then TJ and Clark talk about their differences of opinion on John Williams. They then briefly discuss a couple of quick things from Clark’s interview on Movieology. After this they turn their attention to a couple of films. TJ briefly discusses Taken 2, which Clark has not seen. It is simply not as good as the original Taken and was very disappointing to TJ. And finally, they discuss the fine film Argo, Ben Affleck’s career, the great acting in the film, the great story telling and more.

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