Episode 16: Meesa Think Jar Jar Stupid

Meesa Think Jar Jar Stupid

Oh boy is there a lot to talk about this week! TJ and Joseph get ready to catch two films this weekend, ‘Wreck-it Ralph’ and ‘Flight’, they discuss a lot of things, such as the return of Bryan Singer to the ‘X-Men’ Franchise to direct ‘Days of Future Past’, there will be another ‘Mission Impossible’, ‘Argo’ came in number one in the box office last weekend despite going toe to toe with ‘Cloud Atlas’, the launch of ‘The Wrap’ a new weekly show under ten minutes at the end of each week giving an overview of the highlights of the week, and the TV giveaway contest. They then turn their attention to the two main topic items this week, ‘Cloud Atlas’ — TJ hated it with a fiery burning passion, Joseph didn’t like it, but didn’t feel as strongly about it as TJ, and then the big news of the week (year?), the sale of Lucas Film, including all IP having to do with ‘Star Wars’ to Disney. And there’s going to be another ‘Star Wars’ trilogy. This may not be a good thing. They discuss their feelings about George Lucas no longer being directly involved with ‘Star Wars’, their feelings about the original trilogy and the prequels, what they would like to see in a new ‘Star Wars’ film, who should direct and much, much more!

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