Episode 21: I’m Not a Kangaroo

I’m Not a Kangaroo

Join TJ and Joseph as they talk about whether Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be Batman or not, the upcoming remake of ‘Flight of the Navigator’, ‘Revenge of the Sith’ as a great work of art — which leave them scratching their heads, the ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ poster and how much it looks like a rip-off of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ poster, and the Man of Steel’ in hand cuffs? What gives? And then the two main topics of discussion, Rise of the Guardians, and Men in Black 3. They didn’t think very highly of Rise of the Guardians, its convoluted and complicated plot, its confusing message for children, its lack of precision with regards to story and more. And for Men in Black 3, TJ enjoyed it very much while Joseph was pretty neutral on it. They also announce the winner of the “Ratings and Reviews” contest. Be sure to tune in!

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