Episode 25: Poor Little Boy

Poor Little Boy

TJ and Joseph discuss Ebert’s top ten films of 2012, including ‘Argo’, which Ebert named top of the year, and TJ’s own top ten films of 2012 as well. This involves a little quibbling over the positioning of items on the list as well as if some actually belong there. They also discuss the teaser for the upcoming ‘Monsters University’ which TJ thinks is pretty great and Joseph thinks it is less so. Hansel and Gretel also has some new promotional material out, including a new TV spot which they discuss briefly. And for the main top, TJ and Joseph are joined by Joseph’s wife, Liz, to discuss Les Miserables, the film based on the stage musical. It’s a worthy production, if disappointing in some ares. So they dive deep to discuss likes, dislikes, things that could have been better, and why the story, regardless of the production values and choices of the film, is worth paying attention to.

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