Episode 30: We’re Fine Here

We’re Fine Here

Joe and TJ warm up before the big talk of ‘Star Wars’ with a conversation about ‘Warm Bodies’ and TJ’s review of it — TJ is not a big fan, Joe thinks he might just have to see it to see if he agrees with TJ, an R2D2 translator (loads of fun), the ‘Skyfall’ Honest Trailer, the Netflix original series and political drama, ‘House of Cards’, as well as a conversation about Netflix’s full season release strategy, ‘The Avengers’ ‘Firefly’ style opening credits sequence, a few new releases to video on demand, and finally before the big topic, a quick discussion of the highly alliterated title for this run of podcasts, ‘Favorite Fun Futon Films for February’ (say that 10 times fast). And then, TJ and Joe are joined by Linsay Morgan to discuss ‘Star Wars’. And oh do they discuss it. Joe and Linsay think it may be the best film ever made. TJ has reservations. The discussion is lively and fun, you won’t want to miss it!

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