Episode 42: One Movie A Year

One Movie A Year

TJ and Joe are pleased to welcome to the show special guest Dan Benjamin of 5by5! Dan is a prolific broadcaster and maker of fine podcasts, he has opinions on many things, and movies are one of them. They spend just a few minutes talking about podcasts and mixers, mice and the like. Then they kick things off with a quick discussion about Instacast for Mac Public Beta. And on to film news with J.J. Abrams saying John Williams is likely to score ‘Star Wars VII’, as well as Carrie Fisher and Ian McDiarmid talking about the upcoming ‘Star Wars’ film with McDiarmid being pretty sure Palpatine won’t be returning (no, really?). They also spend a few minutes talking about online media consumption versus broadcast TV, some thoughts about J.J. Abrams version of Star Trek, and a minute or two on ‘Pacific Rim’. And of course, the main review for this week is ‘Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan’ which leads to some great discussion. You won’t want to miss it!

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