Episode 46: The Smug Look On His Face

The Smug Look On His Face

In this episode TJ and Joe start out with a little follow up about Alice Eve as Carol Marcus in her underwear and why TJ wrote his article on the subject. Kayla over at TrekMovie.com also felt the same way. Then there’s the ‘Byzantium’ trailer which neither Joe nor TJ are thrilled about as it’s yet another vampire movie. But TJ did find out that Tom Cruise was in a vampire movie once. Who knew? Saoirse Ronan wants to play The Scarlet Witch in the upcoming ‘Avengers 2’, and Joss Whedon has confirmed that that character is in the upcoming film. And will Sony sell the rights to ‘Spider-Man’? Also, you probably should not throw someone’s phone across the room, even if they are texting in the theater and being rude. And of course, there’s an ‘Epic’ review this week (pun intended).

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