Episode 47: The Ursa

The Ursa

TJ and Joe are back! First a side topic about how many podcasts they listen to and a recommendation for ‘The Incomparable’. Then they’re off to talk about ‘Man of Steel’, the trailers, and promos, the general excitement, how they felt about the previous ‘Superman’ films and more. ‘The Blue Umbrella’ is an upcoming Pixar short that takes a photo real approach, which is interesting and worthy of a little bit of time talking about. HISHE made a great video for how ‘Iron Man 3’ should have ended, TJ and Joe loved it!. TJ goes off on a bit of a rant about patent and copyright issues in the United States. Then there’s the upcoming film ‘World War Z’. And of course, the two main topics this week are ‘Now You See Me’ and ‘After Earth’. Listen in on the fun!

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