Episode 48: I Will Say This Backwards

I Will Say This Backwards

TJ launches a new feature (in beta!) of The MovieByte Podcast, “TrailerByte”. The name makes it sound like more than it is. Basically, TJ and Joe just list several of the current trailer making the rounds and talk about them. Ashton Kutcher’s ‘JOBS’ has a new release date of August 16. Spielberg and Lucas are predicting the implosion of the film industry. Joss Whedon says that Loki will not be in ‘The Avengers 2’, which may show the cards for what is to come in ‘Thor: The Dark World’. Netflix and Dreamworks have arranged a deal to distribute new, original Dreamworks content. And the main review for this week is for ‘Man of Steel’. Joe liked it and TJ didn’t. Discussion ensues.

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