Episode 8: Monopoly and Candy Land

Monopoly and Candy Land

“I gotta bad feeling about this - a we’re gonna need a new planet bad feeling”... Join Joseph and TJ as they discuss ‘Battleship’ which was just released to iTunes, Blu-ray, and DVD. Joseph laments the state of film-making in a post-Transformers world, TJ enjoyed the film a bit more, but just a bit. They also discuss ‘Monsters Inc.’ coming out in 3D and the merits of 3D movies, the possibility of a directors cut of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and why TJ doesn’t like directors cuts for the most part, having a glass of beer or wine with Christopher Nolan and what we would like to pick his brain about, what we would like to see in Batman special edition releases, what films we are looking forward to this year, which leads to a discussion about ‘Branded’ and much more.

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