Episode 13: Captain Jack

Captain Jack

TJ wraps up the week with a look at the Joss Whedon interview and his plans for digging in and causing the characters pain in the upcoming ‘Avengers 2’, JJ Abrams views on 3D in ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’, ‘Jurassic Park IV’ gets a release date (face palm), Tarantino is not doing himself any favors by blowing up in interviews, The White House’s response to the petition for the U.S. to build a death star, Problem solving the Gandalf way, ‘Pirates 5’ has begun production, the ‘Fringe’ finale, Joseph’s review of ‘Promised Land’, Movieology Episode #2, a ‘Jack Reacher’ sequel is unlikely, The MovieByte Podcast Episode 27, how ‘The Hobbit’ should have ended, ‘RED 2’, the trailer for ‘Emperor’ starring Tommy Lee Jones and Mathew Fox, and rounding things off with a look at what you might like to see in theaters this weekend.

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