Episode 29: Chalk Full of Star Trek

Chalk Full of Star Trek

TJ wraps up the week with a look at ‘Iron Man 3’ winning last weekend’s box office by a wide margin, Damon Lindelof talking about ‘Star Trek “3”’ and the fact that we might see more Klingons, ‘Men in Black 4’ is in development, ‘Man of Steel’ TV spot and music, ‘Mission Impossible 5’ is in development and how this might signal franchise fatigue, the brilliant Spock vs. Spock ad, the news that ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ will be opening one day earlier than expected, the ‘Star Trek 2009’ Honest Trailer, a teaser trailer for ‘Ender’s Game’, his review of ‘Iron Man 3’ as well as he and Joe’s discussion of ‘Iron Man 3’ on The MovieByte Podcast, Robert Redford revealing a spoiler for the upcoming ‘Captain America 2’, Mark Hamill loving on the prequels, Michael Giacchino debuting 20 some minutes of ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ score on a radio show, and what you might want to see this weekend in theaters.

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