Episode 3: A War in the Stars

A War in the Stars

Join TJ as he wraps up the week with a few highlights and some nerdy ‘Star Wars’ talk. TJ covers whether Pixar and Disney switched brains and the idea of a Disney/Pixar conspiracy, Damon Lindelof’s suggestions for ‘Star Wars’ story ideas, ‘Fringe’s’ finale date, Mark Hamill talking about the future of ‘Star Wars’ in 1983, Joseph discovering Machete order as well as a quick analysis and opinion about Machete Order, last weekend’s box office report and the domination of ‘Wreck-it Ralph’, the ‘Flight’ review, and article about watching films in 3D, the ‘Revolution’ reveal, ‘S.H.I.E.L.D. beginning production in January, this week’s MovieByte podcast, ‘The Last Stand’ trailer, Joseph’s ‘Wreck-it Ralph’ review, and the MovieByte Giveaway.

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