Episode 31: An Incredibles Sequel

An Incredibles Sequel

TJ takes a look at the box office win of ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ as well as the other top box office spots. Brad Bird talks about an ‘Incredibles’ sequel, which TJ would be in favor of. Did Renner loose his Hawkeye Gig? For the nerds, there are details to be noticed about the Enterprise at the end of ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’. And boy did Rob over at IO9 hate ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’. An upcoming film adaption for ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ has been put on hold. There are several new trailers out this week including trailers for ‘Man of Steel’, ‘The Wolverine’, ‘The Lone Ranger’, and ‘Byzantium’. TJ wrote a review for ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ as well as discussed it on ‘The MovieByte Podcast’ with Anthony Pascale and Joe Darnell. There’s also the article about Alice Eve’s gratuitous underwear scene. And finally, TJ talks about what you might want to see in theaters this weakend.

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