Episode 32: Logical Inconsistencies

Logical Inconsistencies

Join TJ as he talks about his disappointment with the world about last week’s two top box office spots. Then a man faces charges for throwing another theater patron’s phone, was his provocation sufficient? Joss Whedon talks about Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch for the upcoming ‘Avengers 2’. ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ has some easter eggs for those of you so inclined to check them out. Instacast 1.0 for Mac is available and you should get that right away! Evangeline Lilly of ‘Lost’ fame will be playing a “young” hobbit. Carter Burwell is no longer going to be scoring ‘Thor: The Dark World’. Hugh Jackman would love to team up with The Avengers. This week, TJ and Joe talked about ‘Epic’ on ‘The MovieByte Podcast’. ‘Man of Steel’ has been getting a lot of attention with trailers and the like. ‘Iron Man 3’ gets a ‘How it Should Have Ended’ video. ‘Pirates 5’ may have a directorial pair, And TJ also talks about what you might want to see this weekend.

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