Episode 36: Reboot All The Things

Reboot All The Things

‘Monsters’ scared off the box office in last weekend’s box office totals. ‘The Avengers’ is finally on Netflix if you have been waiting for a way to see the film. ‘Independence Day 2’ will not feature Will Smith, but Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum will be returning to the franchise. TJ has a bit more to say on ‘Man of Steel’ and morality. A ‘World War Z’ sequel has been greenlit. Mark Strong is a rumored contender for the role of Lex Luthor in the upcoming ‘Man of Steel 2’. Rick Santorum has been named CEO of EchoLight Studios which seems a bit odd but maybe good things will come of it. There’s a new co-host in town for ‘The MovieByte Podcast’ and TJ gives you a quick run down. Marvel has scheduled an untitled film for 2016, what it will be about is anyone’s guess. The new ‘Terminator’ film will be a reboot because of course, we must reboot all the things! Pixar has promised more original stories because (shocker) they’ve been focusing too much on sequels and prequels. And of course, TJ runs down the new films this weekend and what you might like to see.

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