Episode 37: Gather the Minions

Gather the Minions

TJ recounts the box office successes and numbers. Liam Neeson is willing to star in ‘Taken 3’ for a large sum of money. ‘World War Z’ originally had a different, and from the sound of it, far worse ending. Corey is stirring up trouble about Zombies and the undead and the genre in general. TJ also has some thoughts about ‘Pacific Rim’ and a link to some videos going behind the scenes. Christian Bale will not appear as Batman in ‘Justice League’. Boba Fett originally appeared in a screen test in a video from 1978. TJ also recounts what’s happening with co-hosts and ‘The MovieByte Podcast’, as well as talks a bit about Chad Hopkins who hosted the podcast with him this week. Chad also wrote a short review of ‘World War Z’ and TJ wrote a review of ‘White House Down’, then they talked about both of those films on episode 50 of ‘The MovieByte Podcast’. Thursday was Independence Day and not a lot was happening on that day. And of course, TJ runs down the list of films that are currently in theaters and gives you opinions on which ones to watch.

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