Episode 4: Talking to Siri

Talking to Siri

This week, TJ gives you the wrap up on ‘Skyfall’ making a killing at the box office, Siri’s strange movie reviews, LEGO making a movie and casting Liam Neeson, the ‘Warm Bodies’ trailer, the idea that Darth Vader may rise from the dead in ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’, Christian Bale’s Stand for life, an original Netflix drama, ‘House of Cards’, a political drama, the trailer for the upcoming film based on Stephanie Meyer’s book ‘The Host’, ‘The Hobbit’ streaming soundtrack, Episode 18 of ‘The MovieByte Podcast’, ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Season 2 remastered Blu-ray images, the Boxee CEO’s comments about streaming and on-demand media, and the debut of ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ first nine minutes debuting in IMAX in front of ‘The Hobbit’. Lots of fun stuff, be sure to tune in!

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