Episode 56: Missing The Point

Missing The Point

TJ brings you news of the top box office spots. Of course ‘Thor: The Dark World’ dominated by a wide margin. And TJ really like the film so that’s a good thing as far as he’s concerned. There’s a ‘Hunger Games’ theme park coming. Yeah… talk about missing the point. Lionsgate seems determined in this folly though. Jeremy Renner is getting another Bourne film. TJ would like to be reminded of why anyone would want to do yet another Bourne film without, you know, Bourne. And back to ‘Thor’, TJ wrote a review of ‘Thor: The Dark World’, and released not one, but TWO podcasts about it this past week that you’ll want to check out. We got a trailer for Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie. Why? Darren Aronofsky’s ‘Noah’ got a trailer on Thursday. The Mario Bros. get a gritty realistic short film series that’s kind of weird and fun at the same time. And then, wow, there’s the ‘Super Smash Wars’ which just totally works! And of course, find out what to see this weekend.

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