Episode 6: Beige Tights

Beige Tights

Wrapping up the week this week we have ‘The Hobbit’ Production Video #9 and ‘The Hobbit’s’ insane production schedule, TJ’s review of ‘Red Dawn’, Blockbuster getting into the digital magazine business, the official ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ synopsis and TJ’s opinion that it is poorly written, the ‘Revolution’ midseason finale, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart returning to ‘X-Men’, Veronica Belmont exploring whether ‘Looper’ time travel is fact or fictional, Joseph’s review of ‘Life of Pi’ and it’s philosophical issues, Matthew Vaughn being sort of confirmed as director of ‘Star Wars VII’, MovieByte live recording, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Batman, whether that idea has been properly debunked or whether it still might happen, ‘How it Should Have Ended’ ‘Looper’ style, the ‘Jack Reacher’ featurette, and the opportunities MovieByte is making available for you to win a TV, a one year subscription to Netflix, and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ on Blu-ray. Be sure to enter the contests!

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