‘Revolution’ Partial Reveal

‘Revolution’ Partial Reveal

So Revolution’s mystery of the power blackout across the world is starting to unravel. This past Monday, Monroe got pretty serious about getting intel on where the pendants might be. Rachel has already revealed to him that the key to turning the power back on lies in these strange looking devices. No we are finding out that [SPOILER] Rachel and Ben were, at least in part, responsible for the blackout in the first place.


Flashing back to when Rachel was pregnant with a baby boy (presumably Danny), she and Ben, along with co-worker Grace were attempting to come up with a method of generating clean, low-cost energy. Instead, they created a device that could interrupt and prevent all power generation. Of course there’s also a creepy guy from the department of defense interested in the tech, presumably as a weapon. Rachel is not to thrilled with the idea, Ben seems not to care.

However, complications in Rachel’s pregnancy arise, and an offer from the creepy DOD dude seems to make Rachel reconsider.

And then another reveal, the man who kidnapped Grace, whose name is Randall, is the creepy man from the DOD.

Present Day

Meanwhile in Revolution’s present day, our fabulous four have to deal with a bunch of children, the oldest of whom has been taken by the militia to turn into a good little militia soldier. Miles character continues to evolve, and with obvious conflicted emotions, he declares his support of Danny’s insistence that they rescue the boy. As it turns out, he feels responsible for the situation because he was in charge of the militia when the children were orphaned — their parents had been killed by the militia apparently for harboring sentiment about the United States — and as his character develops, we are seeing some remorse over the things he has done.

It was sort of refreshing that our primary story for this episode was really what happened with Rachel and Ben in the past, and what’s going on with her and the pendants in the present, while our fabulous four’s story takes a little bit of a back seat position.

Doing Well

All in all, I’m pleased with how Revolution in unfolding so far and I’m excited to see where they take it. I’m looking forward to seeing where they take this power blackout business and what exactly is causing it and if we will ever see power restored in someway during the show, or whether that would be the show’s conclusion.

I’m also happy that Danny is finally becoming less whiny as we go. She really had a tendency to get on my nerves until about the last two episodes.