Star Wars Episode VII Fan Poster

Star Wars Episode VII Fan Poster
Rampant Imagination

Picture this:
Star Wars Episode VII: Geriatrics of the New Republic

Yes, jump forward in time to when J.J. Abrams and Disney release their next Star Wars motion picture. What do you think the posters will look like? Bringing back the old cast — and likely introducing new faces to the Star Wars saga — this film’s posters promise to… show off elderly Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Han Solo, and Lando Calrissian. Mm. Are we ready for this? Are you ready to see your childhood heroes as you have never imagined them before?

A very talented illustrator, Adam Schickling, follows in the design style of previous Star Wars movie posters designed by Drew Struzan. Adam delivers to our galaxy this rendition of the Star Wars characters for Episode VII. Adam put four weeks of work into this. His style uncannily resembles that of Drew. It’s one of the finer fan posters I’ve ever seen. Adam reports:

I created this Star Wars Poster depicting the characters from the Original trilogy as they would appear in the new movie. Since there is no cast yet for the new movie I thought it would be cool to create a poster with some of my favorite characters from the Star Wars Universe. This illustration is 30X40 in. and was drawn and painted by hand.

With that said, I got to comment of the aged group themselves. As this post illustrates, no amount of makeup-like mastery can hide the fact Mark Hammil is starting to resemble Emperor Palpatine. And Carrie Fisher is completely unrecognizable. And why is it that Chewbacca hasn’t aged a day? Chewy should have streaks of silver hair.

Luke and the Rebels should have used the force a little bit more, like 57-year-old Mace Windu.