Our “Jiving Jackalope” Reviews Podcatcher Options

Our “Jiving Jackalope” Reviews Podcatcher Options
Joe Darnell - Jiving Jackalope

These days podcast apps are abundant. Heck, you don’t need an app to listen to podcasts. Many people will discover podcasts online, then stream them from their web browser. This works, but I find it a flimsy way to digest content.

When you scout sites online for good podcasts it’s difficult to track them for new episodes as they become available. Apart from bookmarking those sites and visiting them weekly, there’s no realistic way to track them. So, the easy listening experience is to be had in an app dedicated to aggregating audio programs.

Joe discussing the best Podcatcher options. Obviously, as a podcast producer here at MovieByte and elsewhere on the internet, I recommend finding a good Podcatcher that fits you because you should be subscribed to all my podcasts (obviously). But I disagree with Joe that Apple’s Podcasts app is in any way good. It has way too many problems to make it worth your time. But that’s just my personal opinion. Everyone knows I’m a big Apple product and software geek, but sometimes Apple tries so hard to simplify something that they wind up making it more complicated. Such, I feel, is the case with the Podcasts app.

I’m an Instacast user. It has its complications, but I think it’s the best app we’ve got at the moment.

Check out Joe’s recommendations for yourself. You’ll be glad you did. And make sure you subscribe to our podcasts here on MovieByte!