Trailer Baits and Switches

Trailer Baits and Switches

Do you recall that one scene in Return of the Jedi when Luke and the gang rush to board the Millennium Falcon to get out of the sandstorm? Yeah, me neither. But you may have seen a glimpse of this scene in an original trailer for the film! There are many such things in movies that are nixed from the final cut that appear in movie trailers.

Sometimes a trailer just plain old doesn’t have the scene in question, and The Telegraph reports that this led a customer known only as “J Congdon” to post a complaint to New Zealand’s Advertising Standards Authority in regards to one split-second explosion left on the cutting room floor of Tom Cruise vehicle “Jack Reacher.”

“The explosion where the whole cliff comes down was the defining part of the ad that made me really want to go see the movie … aside from having Tom Cruise in it,” Congdon said in his complaint, which undoubtedly took hours to place.

The moments they sight from several films are all things I would have enjoyed seeing. If they don’t appear in the movie, they should at least be available in bonus features for a Blu-ray release.

But the one I want to see the most is the sandstorm from Return to the Jedi. Next to that, I would like to see Bilbo taking a look at Narsil in An Unexpected Journey.