‘Man of Steel’ Ads and TV Spots

‘Man of Steel’ Ads and TV Spots

It won’t be long now before we get to see Superman back in action on the big screen in Zack Snyder’s and Christopher Nolan’s grand super-hero vision. In fact we’re only two weeks away from the June 14 premiere. And of course the promotional campaign is working overtime now. I have several TV spots to share with you, and the fun thing is that each of them have something new to offer that we have not seen yet. Obviously it’s mixed in and around things we have already seen before.

So, will Superman defeat General Zod? Will he save the world? Well I mean, come on, you never know, they may mix it up and let the bad guy win…

Okay, maybe not, but it still should be a lot of fun.

Check out these TV Spots:

And not actually a TV spot for Man of Steel, but incorporates him and is fun none-the-less, check out this Hardee’s ad featuring Man of Steel.