‘NuEnterprise Refit’ - For the Nerds Among Us

‘NuEnterprise Refit’ - For the Nerds Among Us
Anthony Pascale - TrekMovie




But if you have seen the movie you know that in the end the ship makes it through (it was the USS Vengeance that takes a dive into San Francisco Bay). But the USS Enterprise is certainly not spaceworthy after the battle above Earth. The final scene of the movie jumps forward almost a year after that battle with a ceremony to ‘re-christen’ the USS Enterprise. We then see the crew on the bridge as they set off on their new five-year mission and then the ship warps away. While the bridge itself appeared to be exactly the same, if you looked closely the ship’s exterior you would spot differences. Just compare the images below (taken from one of the movie trailers and from a behind-the-scenes video about the music)

As a nerd, I noticed the changes to the impulse engines right away. I was never a fan of the NuEnterprise, and I’m still not. I don’t think it’s a huge deal, I just liked the original series film enterprise (Constitution Class Refit) a lot better. That said, I think this refit helps a great deal. It appears slight sleeker and while the impulse engine changes are the biggest and most noticeable, more comparison reveals other details. In real life this refit would seem almost impossible because you are basically rebuilding the ship. I say this because it appears to me that the saucer section is much thinner. The Nacelles are also quite a bit different with raised fins on the back and a subtly different shape.

Again, I still feel that J.J.‘s Enterprise is too bulky and ugly. It should be sleek and cool, not a hotrod.

Okay, that’s it for the nerd stuff for now.