Pacific Rim Featurette “Drift Space” (and 30 second trailer)

Pacific Rim Featurette “Drift Space” (and 30 second trailer)

Hey, GLaDOS is still in the film! Frankly it’s just a bit weird and menacing. Maybe that’s the point, but somehow it’s too weird.

But that aside, I’m having a really hard time getting interested in this film at all. Is it just me? It looks like a great big action fest with not a lot of plot. I’m not seeing a lot of info, material, or promos for who these people are and why we care about them. It’s all about the tech, the mind melding, the big stinkin’ robots, blah blah blah.

I know I have a hard time letting my feelings out and all but I’m trying to telegraph something here for you…

Anyway, here’s the featurette if you are interested and feel differently than I do.

And if you’re still interested, here’s the latest TV spot.