New ‘Terminator” to be Reboot

New ‘Terminator” to be Reboot
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Ahem, your attention please. Another franchise is joining the reboot train:

Once known as “Terminator 5” colloquially, Paramount revealed in a press release that the new “Terminator” film will start over in reboot form and relaunch a new trilogy. Rebooting/remaking a film isn’t hard, it’s been done countless times (see the upcoming “RoboCop” or the rather lackluster “Total Recall” for recent examples), but it is harder to pull off in a satisfying and creatively unique manner when you don’t have as much source material to work with. Then again, there are four “Terminator” films of varying quality (”Rise Of The Machines” and “Salvation” being not very good, to put it politely) which arguably have expanded the James Cameron-created universe substantially (note, rights revert back to Cameron in 2019, which is why they’re getting on this asap).

Alright, which one of you ordered this totally pointless reboot? Show of hands please, SO I CAN COME OVER THERE AND BEAT YOU UP! Seriously, let’s just REBOOT ALL THE THINGS!

Or, you know, we could make something new. Just a thought.