Stream ‘Jack the Giant Slayer’ Later This Month

Stream ‘Jack the Giant Slayer’ Later This Month
Jason Guerrasio -

‘Jack The Giant Slayer’
Taking time out of his “X-Men” duties, Bryan Singer brings to the screen this famous fairy tale (now supped up to Hollywood standards). Nicholas Hoult stars as Jack, the farm boy who climbs the beanstalk and uncovers a land filled with pissed off giants.
Why Watch It: Incredible CGI with some entertaining supporting roles by Ewan McGregor and Stanley Tucci.
Available On: iTunesVUDUAmazon Instant [Cable On Demand 6/18]

Hey look, Jack the Giant Slayer is available to stream on my wedding anniversary! Anyway, I liked the film and thought it was worth noting that it will be availalbe for streaming later this month. Here’s my review.