Snyder Says Superman Needs Development Before ‘Justice League’

Snyder Says Superman Needs Development Before ‘Justice League’
Steve Weintraub - Collider

While rumors have the movie being released in 2015, as of now, no director is officially attached, and no one is sure if the movie would work without introducing the other characters in their own movies first (like Marvel did before The Avengers).  So when I sat down with Snyder a few hours ago at the Los Angeles Man of Steel junket, I asked his thoughts the Justice League movie and if that would get his attention before a Man of Steel sequel.

And Snyder said:

“I feel like you need to get Superman a little further down the road before you can do a Justice League movie.”

Here’s the thing. I feel like this whole Justice League thing — whether that feeling is right or wrong — is a kind of “me too” move from the DC side of the comic universe. It’s like “Oh, look at that cool thing Marvel did — and OH LOOK AT ALL THAT MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Can we do something like that?” And so this whole 2015 rumor probably does have some weight to it because they just want to get something out the door ASAP. The executives are likely forgetting that we had a whole bunch of movies and momentum getting us to The Avengers before The Avengers would work.

I don’t know, I’m not going to call it a bust while it’s still just a glimmer in the eyes of the pencil pushing executives, but let’s just say I’m skeptical.