Winner of the Game — Box Office Report

Winner of the Game — Box Office Report

So yeah, this week I’m still crying about Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, but at least it’s not number one again. Bleh. No, a far better film got the top spot, for which I can at least be thankful! Now, I don’t think we can kid ourselves that Ender’s Game can stay on top this coming weekend when Thor: The Dark World makes its debut, but maybe it can scrape number two?

#1 — Ender’s Game

Budget: $110 Million
Totals: $27 Million, Weekend and Current Domestic / $9.1 Million, Foreign / $36.1 Million, Worldwide
Weekend: 1

I am not sure what rock I have been living under, but I had never heard of Ender’s Game before I saw the first trailer for this film. So then I was faced with the decision: Do I save the book until after the film, therefore preserving the integrity of the film experience, or do I go ahead and read the book? I decided to join the ranks of the snobs book worms and read the book so I could be thoroughly disappointed when the film did not live up.

However, while I have some issues with the film, I have to say that it’s not too bad. Of course having read and liked the book, some things naturally irritated me about the film — I was not too jazzed with the changes made to the very end of the story, or the things they cut out that I thought were fairly important or integral to the story. And yet, many of the decisions made were good ones. Much of the story was left intact and most of the important bits are accounted for. Despite a slightly rushed feeling the film was good overall.

As for the box office results, this can only be considered “okay”, but not great. And it’s only going to get worse with the competition for the movie-goers money at the box office. That’s unfortunate.

#2 — Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

Budget: $15 Million
Totals: $20 Million, Weekend / 61.5 Million, Domestic / $17.6 Million, Foreign / $79.1 Million, Worldwide
Weekend: 2

I’m going to say pretty much what I said about this film last week.

Did you see the preview for this? No really, did you see it? I tried. I couldn’t make it all the way through it was so bad. Crass, vulgar, and awful. Like I said, this planet has become an unlivable hunk of rock for me. I despair even of living here anymore…

Alright, so I’m given to exaggeration on these matters, but really, wow.

#3 — Last Vegas

Budget: $28 Million
Totals: $16.3 Million, Weekend and Total
Weekend: 1



#4 — Free Birds

Budget: $55 Million
Budget: $15.8 Million, Weekend and Total
Weekend: 1

At least this I can understand why many would opt to see it. It looks somewhat funny and cute and stuff. I don’t plan to see it though, but not because I have something against. It’s more that I have chosen what films I’ll be seeing over the coming weeks, and this didn’t make the list.

#5 - Gravity

Budget: $100 Million
Totals: $12.8 Million, Weekend / $218.8 Million, Domestic / $207.5 Million, Foreign / $426.3 Million, Worldwide
Weekend: 5

I’m not sure what’s left for me to say about this film that I have not already said. It’s a fantastic film, probably the best I’ve seen this year, and likely the best I will see this year. Make sure you catch it in IMAX because it’s worth it. You better do it soon too as the IMAX theaters start making way for other films.

#6 — Captain Phillips

Budget: $55 Million
Totals: $8.4 Million, Weekend / $82.4 Million, Domestic / $43.4 Million, Foreign / $125.8 Million, Worldwide
Weekend: 4

While it’s too bad this film had to pretty much directly compete with Gravity, it is great to see the film doing well enough. It was an amazingly great film. It’s almost too much to dream that two such great films could come out in succession after such a lack-luster summer preceding. But I’m not complaining.

#7 — 12 Years A Slave

Budget: N/A
Totals: $4.7 Million, Weekend / $8.9 Million, Total
Weekend: 3 (it’s complicated though because it’s limited release).

I hate this limited release garbage. I would really like to see this film but it’s still not playing anywhere near Nashville as far as I know. If fact, it was only in 410 theaters here in the U.S.

#8 — Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

Budget: $78 Million
Totals: $4.1 Million, Weekend / $106.1 Million, Domestic / $70.3 Million, Foreign / $176.4 Million, Worldwide
Weekend: 6

I’m ready for this film to not be on the carts anymore — though I’d happily take this over that Bad Grandpa garbage.

Of note, The Counselor is down at number 9. We can definitely call this one a bomb.