MPAA Losing Money by Fighting Piracy

MPAA Losing Money by Fighting Piracy
David Lieberman -

MPAA’s Anti-Piracy Fight Contributed To Financial Loss In 2012 While Chris Dodd Collected $3.3M

The Hollywood’s lobby group’s finances took a hit in 2012, a tax filing shows — but CEO Chris Dodd did just fine even as the MPAA licked its wounds from its failed effort to promote tough anti-piracy legislation.  Dodd’s compensation came to $3.3M last year. (The package: $3M base compensation, $250,000 bonus, $41,930 other compensation, $13,753 retirement benefit, and $19,585 non-tax benefit.) That’s up 36.5% but it’s not an apples-to-apples comparison since he worked a partial year in 2011 beginning in March. The MPAA saw its year-end loss increase nearly 587% to $1.7M on revenues of $68.1M. Although the top line was +12%, mostly from members’ increased dues payments, it was more than offset by a 14% increase in expenses.

Boo hoo we’re losing money to piracy so let’s spend even more money and have an even greater financial loss by fighting a hopeless battle.

Seriously, what we see going on here is older media failing to adapt to the newer (and mostly better) systems of distribution, and general mindset of watching movies in general. Instead, they are fighting the future tooth and nail, and if they continue to do this, they. will. lose!