Orson Scott Card Won’t Make Money on ‘Ender’s Game’ Film

Orson Scott Card Won’t Make Money on ‘Ender’s Game’ Film
Angie Han - /Film

Good news for fans of Ender’s Game who don’t want their movie ticket dollars lining the pockets of notorious homophobe: They won’t. After all that controversy over authorOrson Scott Card‘s extreme conservative views, a new report indicates that Card doesn’t actually stand to make any money off of Gavin Hood‘s film, and never did.

However, devotees of Card’s story aren’t totally in the clear. Card is still profiting from sales of his original novel, which has climbed to the top of the New York Times bestseller list in advance of the film’s release.

According to sources who spoke with TheWrap, Card made his movie deal a decade ago and has already been paid for it. The agreement did not include any backend, so he won’t make any more from it no matter how well the film does at the box office. Moreover, the site reports, although Card gets a producing credit, he did not have any creative control over or input into the film.

I’ve mostly avoided this — only posting one little bit on the whole issue — but this whole business greatly annoys me. Orson Scott Card is just as entitled to his views as the rest of the world. I mean come on, just because you disagree with someone on a particular issue doesn’t mean you should boycott a film based on his book.

In any event, so much for tolerance, eh?