Bryan Singer Confirmed for ‘Apocalypse’ Plus Story Tie-in Details

Bryan Singer Confirmed for ‘Apocalypse’ Plus Story Tie-in Details
Kevin Jagernauth — The Playlist

Well, today brings with it a couple more updates starting with Vulture confirming that Bryan Singer will be back in the director’s chair for ‘Apocalypse,’ but perhaps more intriguingly, word has already surfaced on how it links to “X-Men: Days Of Future Past.” Warning: MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD.

The guys over at FirstShowing got their hands on a recent draft of ‘Days Of Future Past,’ and not only does it reveal who will be playing the entity known as En Sabah Nur, but also that the movie will tie directly to ‘Apocalypose’ in the following manner. Again, big spoilers ahead— here’s what FirstShowing had to say:

...the [‘Days Of Future Past’] credits bumper jumps back to the past with a young Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) in a ramshackle house in the desert eating dinner, clearly on the run from all the authorities who want to bring him down. While using a well outside to get some water, the young Magneto sees something fall from the night sky and crash to Earth nearby. Upon inspecting the impact zone, he encounters what is described as an “alien form” who is “towering, terrifying, with a twisted metal face and dark pits for eyes.” It’s Apocalypse and he says, “I have crossed rivers of time to find you.” Magneto asks, “Who are you?”

The alien responds, “I am your future.” Suddenly Apocalypse merges with Magneto, who screams and blasts an insane amount of energy and shockwaves around him. This energy explosion levels everything around him, with a blast radius that goes for miles. As Magneto looks at what he’s done, he has a realization of the power he now holds and a villainous grin begins to form before the film cuts to black.

I am more excited than I have ever been for the X-Men universe!