2013 Was Biggest Domestic Box Office Year Ever

2013 Was Biggest Domestic Box Office Year Ever
Angie Han - /Film

For all the hand-wringing about the decline of the movie industry, 2013 was actually a pretty good year for movies. In fact, by one measure, it was actually the best year for movies. Ever. In cinema history.

The gross domestic box office take for last year was the highest ever, beating a record set just one year earlier.

Variety reports that as of this past Sunday, the total gross tally for 2013 was $10.836 billion. By now, it’s likely that that figure has crossed the $11 billion mark — making 2013 the first year to do so. The previous record, set in 2012, was $10.837 billion.

Yep, film is so dead. Mm Hmm.

Now, can we just stop the industry hand wringing and the nonsense about how it’s harder and harder for these poor studios to make it in a world filled with piracy? PLEASE???

Also this:

What may be on the wane, however, is 3D. Vulture points out that, with the notable exception of Gravity, 2013 was a pretty terrible year for 3D. While there were lots of 3D releases, 3D shares of major releases tended to underperform. It’s unlikely that 3D will ever completely disappear, but it seems it’s no longer the money-printer it once appeared to be.

BRB, dancing a jig…